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Will NFL stadiums be home to sports betting this fall?

5 April 2023

It may be too early to start talking about football, but this week we've got sports betting news out of the NFL. Team owners have met to discuss the future of betting on NFL games at their stadiums, and it could change the way fans experience the games.

After shunning gambling for a long time, NFL owners are coming around, after earning an extra $2.7 billion last year from sports betting sponsorships. Now the owners are even taking it a step further by concluding that it would be a good thing to allow sportsbooks to operate inside their NFL stadiums during the games, which means fans can bet on the games while they’re at the games.

It should be noted that the while some NFL teams have sportsbooks outside of their stadiums, the only NFL team to currently have a sportsbook inside in its stadium is the Washington Commanders, which is ironic as no one wants to be on them.

Something else to take stock of is that only 18 of the 32 NFL teams are in states where in-person sports betting is legal.

Lastly, we started the This Week in Gambling shows 11 years ago this month, so to celebrate our anniversary we are going to do a little something different. Next week there won’t be a show as J. Todd is traveling, and the week after that he will be doing a remote show from Vegas.