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Tropicana prepares for implosion

3 July 2024

In this week's video, we have a look around the property, discuss when the implosion will take place, and share 4 July fireworks locations and what's happening over the weekend in Las Vegas.

Tropicana Las Vegas officially closed its doors on 2 April, and since that time we’ve seen them bring in moving vans, auction off furniture, and put up safety fences. But a walk past the property today reveals that the building is almost a skeleton of what it used to be. Visitors can actually see right through the building now. So where do we go from here?

Now, what’s left of Tropicana Las Vegas echos with the sounds of construction crews and wrecking balls. The building has been gutted to reveal the framework, all in anticipation of a likely implosion. The demolition effort is moving right along, and workers continue to dismantle what little remains of the hotel tower. Bally’s Corporation plans to implode the structure by October, with plans to transform the site into a Major League Baseball stadium.

According to county officials, several permits and final procedural steps are still pending before Tropicana Las Vegas can be imploded. Clark County did give their approval and even issued a demolition permit for the site on 20 April. Bally’s has until 20 October to carry out the estimated $15 million demolition, according to the permit. Wreckage work thus far has been delivered by California-based GGG Demolition.