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Tropicana Las Vegas closes

16 April 2024

The Tropicana Las Vegas has officially closed its doors forever. We have information on how to grab a piece of Tropicana history, cash in those chips and vouchers, and when the building will be imploded.

With the Tropicana closed, many items still within the resort will either be sold or donated to museums. All before any Tropicana implosion occurs this fall.

The final chapter of the nearly 67-year history of the iconic Tropicana Las Vegas is written. The doors were permanently locked on 2 April. Several longtime Las Vegas residents and tourists flocked to the casino overnight to take last-minute selfies with the Tropicana sign and share sentimental moments of a history-making building that will soon be imploded.

Vegas locals reflected on the good old days at Tropicana in Vegas– recalling visiting as children. Gamblers and players hoping to score big on the final night packed the casino before the final closing announcements rang out during the early morning hours. Others may not have earned as much, but still had a history-making win... perhaps pocketing some Tropicana chips. The guests who spent Monday night at the Tropicana Resort had to check out by 1 p.m. Tuesday. Hotel rooms on the final night cost more than $600.

Plans for a Tropicana implosion continue to develop as contractors work through the permitting and site-clearing process. Local Las Vegas journalists have reported that Maryland-based Controlled Demolition was preparing for the implosion of Tropicana Las Vegas, which closed April 2nd, 2024. So far, the company has declined to comment on any implosion details or dates, and directed inquiries to Bally’s who would not confirm or deny the plans that the resort would be imploded.

Clark County officials have stated that no demolition permits have been issued, but there are typically several precursory permits and surveys through multiple agencies done before the demolition permit is issued. The only permit issued is a dust control operating permit, which was issued to GGG Demolition. A project manager declined to comment about any Tropicana implosion and instead stated that all inquiries should go through Bally’s.