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Tropicana closing and Super Bowl strike update

1 February 2024

While 2 April will be Tropicana Las Vegas' last day of business, thousands of casino workers are threatening to strike within days, just in time for Las Vegas to host the Super Bowl.

Are you ready for professional baseball in Las Vegas? If so, that means a Tropicana demolition, but not a lot of people seem to be upset about that. The building is one of the oldest on the Strip… but not for much longer. Bally’s Corporation owns the resort, and they have officially announced that 2 April will be the last day of business for the Tropicana. A quick check of their website finds reservations are being accepted up to April 1st… and that’s no joke (April Fools?).

As for the Tropicana demolition date, none has been set yet. We’ve heard rumors of late 2024 and early 2025, but could not confirm either. And considering they will gut the building prior to any implosion, the date will most likely be a guess anyways. The Tropicana was build in 1957, two years before Wayne Newton began performing in Las Vegas. That’s a long haul. And when it’s gone, the new baseball stadium will rise in it’s place. But it won’t be just a ballpark, but a “state-of-the art integrated resort” as well.

Don’t look now, but even the Las Vegas bus drivers and mechanics are now getting into the spirit of walking off their jobs. Drivers voted to authorize a strike a few days ago, but did not go as far as setting a date just yet. After rejecting a proposed contract, the Las Vegas bus drivers say that this is not just about the money, it’s about safety concerns. “We’ve got drivers out there being spit on, punched, assaulted — driver had a gun shot at his window last week…” stated one Union member.

Among the issues that need to be settled to avoid a strike there are the raises that the drivers and mechanics are seeking, plus changes for seniority with the mechanics and better benefits. So will the Las Vegas bus drivers and mechanics try to use the Super Bowl as leverage? While nothing has officially been stated (because why would they… it’s implied), one worker stated that the “Super Bowl is coming up… sure would be rough to have all these busses sitting here with no drivers and nobody being able to move around this town.”