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Three Las Vegas casinos closing forever

21 July 2022

This week's gambling news finds three Las Vegas casinos closing forever. Having been shut down since the pandemic began, many of these Station Casinos were never able to re-open, and now they will be demolished. Additionally, another hotel right on The Vegas Strip has closed to make room for a mystery project. Could it be a new Las Vegas casino resort?

The pandemic challenged the gaming industry. And while many of the casinos closing have re-opened and the city has recovered nicely, Station Casinos has had to make some difficult choices. Now, the decision has been make to demolish three of their Las Vegas casinos.

We have Texas Station closing, along with Fiesta Rancho and Fiesta Henderson closing, too. All have all been closed since the pandemic began, but as other Las Vegas casinos were able to reopen in the aftermath, those sites have remained shuttered. Their customers have moved on to new sites, making the ultimate decision to close them forever a simple one.

The land those casinos occupied was over 107 acres of prime real estate, which will be sold. Red Rock Resorts, Station Casinos parent company, said that it doesn’t make sense financially to keep these Las Vegas casinos open.

Scott Kreeger, President of Station Casinos, said that the money from selling the casinos and their property would be used to invest in other company projects, and perhaps to open a new Vegas Casino in the northern part of the city.

You may recall that Station Casinos is also building a $750 million resort, the Durango Casino, off the Strip in southwest Las Vegas. They’re also constructing a new Wildfire Casino in the Fremont Street area.

New expansion and casinos are not restricted to Station. In fact, there are several new Las Vegas casinos being build in and all around the area. You can read all about each of the new Vegas Casino projects on our website.