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The Mirage Volcano closed, but it's not gone yet

1 November 2023

In this week's video, we discuss how the iconic Las Vegas landmark is shut down in preparation for the F1 Grand Prix, but there will still be time to see it one last time.

The Mirage Volcano has been shut down, but don’t worry, you may still get a chance to see it one last time. That is if you visit Las Vegas between December and early 2024.

The folks at Mirage Las Vegas shuttered it so they could build grandstands along Las Vegas Boulevard and sell tickets for spectators to watch the upcoming
Formulas 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Rumor has it that once the race is over, The Mirage resort will reignite the volcano by Friday, 8 December, but for how long no one knows exactly, with the construction of the new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino scheduled for early 2024.

Despite public outcry and a failed petition, there are no plans to save the Mirage Volcano as Hard Rock is planning to build its 36-story hotel tower shaped like a guitar.