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Surviving Las Vegas' rising prices

5 July 2023

Back in May, J. Todd talked about the rising prices of Las Vegas hotel rooms and food. Then in June, he discussed, how casinos are changing the odds on some of their games to boost their profits even higher. Now, comes word that taxis and ride-share services like Uber and Lyft will also be raising their prices, so your trip from the airport to the hotel and back again, could soon cost you as much as 50% more than it cost you just a few months ago. Plus, some casinos have started to eliminate the $1 chips from roulette tables because they don’t want anyone betting just a $1.

To recap, it now costs you more money to get to Vegas, more money to stay in Vegas, and you’re not winning as much money as you used to in Vegas.

Which begs the question, “Isn’t there anyone out there looking out for the little guy?”

The answer is yes, but you’re going to have to get off The Strip, and head to the Downtown Grand Las Vegas, which is located in the historic Fremont Street area. Right now, it’s running its “Welcome Back to the Downtown Deal” where guests can find $5 craps games alone with $1 blackjack tables as well as inexpensive food options, such as $2 hotdogs, plus beers and shots for just $3.50. There are also reasonably priced rooms along with free parking for its customers.