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PokerStars sports betting exchange rolls out

28 April 2022

This week's gambling news will be exciting for anyone who likes to bet on sports: The launch of the PokerStars Sports Betting Exchange. Find out what all the excitement is about, and learn about the possibility of regulated California sports betting as well.

PokerStars has decided to bring its players even more with the launch of their new peer-to-peer sports betting platform. The PokerStars Betting Exchange is now available at both at PokerStars .com and .eu sites, giving their customers access to a sports betting exchange on a global level while maintaining the ease of a single account and wallet. The PokerStars Betting Exchange uses technology from Flutter Entertainment, which gives PokerStars players access to a global liquidity pool. It’s the world’s largest betting exchange (the Betfair Exchange), which means that players have immediate access to global markets and opportunities to buy and sell bets with other players from around the world.

The betting exchange offers players better odds than a traditional sportsbook, as bets are placed directly against other customers. There is also Lay Betting, where players can bet on something not to happen (lay), as well as on something to happen (back). Also, players can enter their own odds, and if another player wants to take these odds then the bet is on! The sports betting exchange shares liquidity with the world’s largest sports betting exchange, Betfair, meaning there are always plenty of markets to bet on and customers to bet against. Richard Garrod, Director of Product at PokerStars, stated “We’re always looking at ways to bring PokerStars players something new, and to be able to do that in collaboration with our colleagues over at the world’s largest betting exchange is a huge privilege. Our research suggests that our customers would welcome the addition of an exchange product, with 70% of current sports bettors saying they want to get involved.