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NFL kickoff and sports betting expansion

8 September 2022

This week's gambling news is all about football in the U.S., as the opening week of the NFL season is finally upon us. We discuss the latest state to go live with regulated sports betting, and the five other states where sports betting is legal, but not live just yet.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… if you like NFL betting, that is! September is finally here, and while we hate to say goodbye to summer, the only saving grace is that football is back! While we love to report on the gambling news in America, we don’t pretend to be sports betting news experts. So we’ll leave game predictions and picks against the spread to the professionals. But what we can tell you is that there are tons of resources out there for every level of sports bettor. Now, before we go any further we must chime in with our obligatory warning that betting on sports is still not legal everywhere. Make sure you understand the laws in your local area before placing a wager. Also be sure to visit our friends at Casino City to read some of their advice if you’re considering Future Bets.

The launch of Kansas sports betting just took place, and the Governor got things going by placing the very first wager! She put a whopping $15 on the hometown Kansas City Chiefs to win the next Super Bowl. And getting 10 to 1 odds on that bet, it could pay for a nice dinner with a couple of friends in February. The bet was placed at the Hollywood Casino in Kansas City, one of four locations that are open for action. The others are the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Boot Hill Casino in Dodge City, and Kansas Crossing Casino in Pittsburgh. Hopes are that the regulated action will bring in over $1.7 billion for the state. However, Kansas sports betting isn't the only sports betting news this week. We also discuss Massachusetts sports betting, Florida sports betting, and a few other states for good measure.