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New things for Las Vegas in 2024

3 January 2024

Events, new performers, concerts, sporting events and more are headed to Las Vegas in 2024. Plus, new plans for the Mirage Volcano and a new residency at the Las Vegas Sphere.

As we head into 2024, what will happen with Dream Las Vegas? Will The Mirage Volcano be torn down? When will the new baseball team start playing? And whatever happened to the Harlem Nights Resort?

New Plans for Mirage Volcano
We’re heading into 2024 with the promise of a Super Bowl in Las Vegas. So how does that change the beloved Mirage Volcano into a corporate promotion? The iconic volcano attraction was shut down during the big Formula 1 race in November and re-opened.

Las Vegas Sphere: New Band in Residence
The amazing Las Vegas Sphere opened in the summer of last year, and the very first act was the world renown rock band U2. They blew the roof (can we call it a roof?) off the Sphere every month since, but their time at the venue is coming to an end.

Dream Las Vegas Returns for New Year
Construction on the Dream Las Vegas may begin again early in 2024, after encountering financial setbacks that led to a halt in construction. The long-stalled 530 room boutique hotel project situated on the south side of the Strip, near the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.