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Milkshake XXXtreme from NetEnt Online Slot Game Video Review

5 December 2023

Online Casino City Review of the Milkshake XXXtreme Online Slot
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In this video, J. Todd takes a look at the Milkshake XXXtreme online slot. Players spin the reels on this 6x6 game as they fill the glasses with ice cream scoops. When the color of the glass matches the color of the ice cream scoops, they fill the glass and award multipliers. And be watching for the Milkshake XXXtreme Boost Feature, which has a random chance to trigger on a given spin.

Fill glasses to the brim with delicious ice cream and sprinkle them with shiny candies in Milkshake XXXtreme. Your oh-so-sweet creations may yield exciting Multipliers for you! Focus on the Milkshake XXXtreme slot. Every time you spin, at least one Milkshake glass, up to four, will gather by the reels as ice cream scoops and shiny hard candies land on the reels. When you match symbols of the colors that correspond to glasses, they will fill beyond the brim for incredible Multipliers. Hungry players may consider toggling on the XXXtreme Spins Feature where funky disco lights set a glorious vibe, and guaranteed Wilds will land on every spin.

Gameplay on the Milkshake XXXtreme slot finds candies and ice cream scoops come in four main colors: blue, red, green and yellow. As you match identical symbols via the scatter pay mechanics, the Milkshakes of the same color will keep filling with scattered wins. Milk Carton Wilds may complete your scatter pay matches as you hope to complete Milkshakes and receive their Multipliers, which will enhance your potential wins. Wager a specific amount of 0.25-50.00, hit the button to see the reels spin and Milkshake glasses fly by the reels as ice cream scoops and candies whizz by your eyes.

What are the Milkshake XXXtreme slot features? Every time you spin the reels, at least one glass of Milkshake slides alongside the playing area. You may see up to four glasses by the reels. Each Milkshake is assigned a color (red, green, orange or blue), a Multiplier (2-100x), and a number of points (2-12). As symbols participate in winning Scatter Pays, they fly into the Milkshake of corresponding color if it is present to the reels, and increase the points by the number of symbols matched.
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