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Massachusetts and Texas gambling news

17 November 2022

This week's gambling news is about gambling expansion, where Massachusetts sports betting is scheduled to launch in January. Plus, there's big talk about Texas casino expansion and Missouri sports betting, ridiculous gambling news from Ohio, and a final update on California sports betting, with Prop 26 and Prop 27 both failing.

California Sports Betting

Prop 26 and Prop 27 both failed horribly, meaning there will be no California sports betting for the foreseeable future. Probably not until after the next election in 2024. Neither the Tribal gaming initiative or the online sports betting initiative were able to pull the needed 50% of the vote to pass.

Massachusetts Sports Betting

Lot's has happened with Massachusetts sports betting as the state hopes to be accepting wagers in January. The Massachusetts model is for a “staggered” launch between in-person and online bets, but not everyone is happy about that. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has a tentatively time line for the launch of sports bets where residents could be placing bets as soon as the NFL playoffs in late January at physical locations such as a casino. Online and mobile bets may be up and running by March, just in time for betting on the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Texas Gambling Expansion

The Texas sports betting market could be the largest outside of California. Governor Greg Abbott now says he is open to expanding casino gambling there. That’s a major step, as in the past he has been “wholeheartedly” against the idea. Of course, that was when he was running for re-election so we’ll have to see if he keeps his word. But with states like Louisiana and Oklahoma hosting large casinos and pulling money out of the state, it may be a matter of survival.

Missouri Sports Betting

Legislators in Missouri are back to pushing their sports betting bills. House Bill 4 could legalize retail sports betting on riverboat casinos in the state, as well as district mobile licenses for online operators. Casinos there would be able to run a full sportsbook on their property, plus several mobile sports betting platforms. A tax rate of 10% would raise money for the state’s “Gaming Proceeds for Education Fund.”