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Interstate poker compacts in America

31 March 2022

This week's gambling news focuses on the expansion of online poker in America, as more states regulate the game and consider interstate poker compacts.

Also, there was a major legal victory in New York state for fantasy sports recently.

The possibility of U.S. Interstate Poker Compacts expanding to including Michigan is looking more realistic. Currently, Michigan online poker players can only compete against one another. But if the state were to join a compact with other states, that would change. Currently there is one Interstate Poker Compacts in existence between the states of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. Michigan want’s to join that multi-state agreement, which would allow players there to compete online against players in the other states within the compact.

This would not simply benefit Michigan online poker players from the aspect having more players to compete against and, thus, always being able to find a game. It would also mean bigger tournaments and bigger prizes. Originally, Michigan had hoped to join the existing Interstate Poker Compacts by the end of last year. Obviously, that did not work out. Now, the Michigan Gaming Control Board has posted new information on their website which seems to be a step toward Interstate poker by providing some guidance for operators.

And while we wait to see what happens the Interstate Poker Compacts in the US, the global fantasy sports market is expected to increase by $6.11 billion at some point between 2021 and 2026. The report that predicts this offers detailed insights on the key drivers, trends, and challenges that impact the growth of the market around the world. In particular, the launch of multiple apps for fantasy sports.