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Esports betting headed for Las Vegas?

10 November 2022

This week's gambling news finds that the Nevada Gaming Commission is now considering the regulation of esports betting. Unfortunately, now is also the time that a huge esports betting scandal is making gambling news headlines. At least six esports players and a coach have been disqualified from the NBA 2k Esports League for betting on games.

The possibility of regulated Nevada esports got a lot closer recently, as a state committee on the matter made the decision to send a proposal to regulate the activity to the Gaming Control Board and Gaming Commission. They are recommending the state amend the current regulations for race books and sports pools to include esports. The Nevada Esports Technical Advisory Committee’s recommendation would allow residents to bet on video game competitions, both online and in person, through existing sports books who take the action. The final draft of the Committee included the ability for sportsbooks to have some flexibility on the wagers they accept, and reserves power to the Gaming Control Board chairman to intervene in cases where an event that may have a “questionable past”.

There has been a major shakeup in the NBA 2K League, were several Esports gambling violations have resulted in the disqualification of at least six players. An investigation found the players has either made bets, or attempted to place bets, on NBA 2K League games. Some of these players made the bets on their own, while others used people to place bets for them. Additionally, rules were broken when these players failed to report the violations, and to cooperate with the league’s investigation. The president of the league, Brendan Donohue, stated that the integrity of the games will always “be the NBA 2K League’s top priority.” He added that the league will “…always act forcefully regarding violations of the rules governing game integrity and the related reporting and cooperation requirements.” The NBA 2K League is an official esports competition, a team effort of both the NBA and NBA 2K publishers Take-Two.