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End of Tropicana and return of Bally's Las Vegas

6 December 2023

The Tropicana Las Vegas is on borrowed time, as the plan is to tear down the 66-year-old resort for the Oakland Athletics move within two years. While this is happening, a new Bally's Las Vegas will be built.

What has brought on all these changes?

Major League Baseball has approved the move of the Oakland Athletics. That means a Tropicana implosion is set for 2025. But how the hell does one affect the other? Well, if you have not been paying attention to what’s been going on in Las Vegas this past year, we will take a moment to explain it. First, the Oakland A’s wanted a new home. Their current stadium is a dilapidated mess. Las Vegas already took the Raiders from Oakland, so naturally they seized on this opportunity and offered to build the A’s a new stadium. A few months ago, Las Vegas approved the funding for that new baseball stadium. Then just last month the MLB approved the move of the team from Oakland to Vegas. That means that the new stadium will need to be built… and that leads up to the Tropicana implosion. Yes, the new stadium is set to be built right where the Tropicana Las Vegas stands now.

Most people have heard that Las Vegas is getting a baseball team. What is not so well known is how that will bring about the return of Bally’s Las Vegas. Believe it or not, the two events are connected in ways that no one could have imagined a few years ago… and yet, here we are. First, you must understand that Bally Corporation was not associated with the Bally’s Las Vegas casino, which was owned by Caesars Entertainment. When Caesars decided to rebrand Bally’s as the Horseshoe, they sold the name to Bally Corp. The good folks at Bally Corp. then purchased the Tropicana Casino. This was before there was any talk of a Las Vegas baseball team. Then, when the Oakland A’s wanted to move to Sin City and needed a stadium, the clever folks at Bally Corp. Offered their land on Las Vegas Boulevard. The problem? That’s where the Tropicana sits.