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Dig This Las Vegas

2 May 2024

Dig This is a heavy equipment playground where you can spend a few hours driving bulldozers, excavators and more.

And Dig This Vegas is the perfect place to spend the afternoon with friends or have a birthday party. Plus, Dig This Las Vegas has group packages, a shutter service, and even options for catering and a bar service once the digging in done.

Come alive at Dig This Las Vegas with pulse-pounding excitement as you drive heavy machinery at Las Vegas' top sandbox adventure! Dive into a day like never before as you dig and drive bulldozers and excavators with a rush of adrenaline. Dig This invites you to realize your heavy machinery dreams as you commandeer diggers and caterpillars in Vegas desert.

With five exhilarating packages to choose from, kick-start your journey with the beginner-friendly Big Dig Excavator experience. For a quirky twist, Dig This Vegas will let you test your skills with excavator basketball, injecting an extra dose of fun into your heavy machinery afternoon. And if you're craving an outlet for pent-up energy, indulge in the 30-minute aggression session, where you can live out your car-crushing fantasies.

Dig This Las Vegas allows you to take the reins of towering construction equipment and unleash the inner machine operator within you. Experience the raw power as you delve deep into the earth, navigate challenging obstacles, and even flatten cars with these monstrous machines. Dig This is the ultimate adult playground, crafting indelible memories right in the heart of Sin City. So, suit up and prepare to ignite your passion for heavy machinery in Las Vegas at Dig This.