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Are you ready for some football betting?

6 September 2023

In this week's video, we discuss the intricacies of retail and online pigskin wagering as the NFL season kicks on Thursday night.

Are you ready for some football? More importantly, are you ready for some football betting?

In 2017, there was one state where you could legally bet on NFL games. Now there are 28 states where you can legally wager on NFL games. In fact, there are so many states regulating sports betting that it’s easier to list the states who aren’t on the wagering train yet – Alabama, Alaska, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

However, if you do live in one of the 38 states and you’re not familiar with terms such as money-line, over-under, props or parlay, you might want to take a few hours to do some research. It’s simple, just go online and learn all about sports betting terminology and the different types of bets. Once you feel comfortable, then you can walk into a sportsbook at a casino or log onto a betting app online.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when placing a sports bet whether it be in person on online:

Play within your means, set a budget and stick with it
Pay attention to where the game is being played and the weather conditions
Study individual matchups
Check the injury reports

Now all of this may seem a bit overwhelming and intimidating if you’ve never made a bet on an NFL game, but to seasoned sports bettors it all seems remedial. Don’t worry new bettors, you’ll get there in no time.

Here are a few tips for placing online sports wagers:

Live betting
Prop Bet Offerings
Compare betting lines between apps as not all wagering lines are the same, so shop around
Signup bonuses
Bonus bets

If you’re planning to go to Sin City in the near future, then you have to read Casino City’s Gary Trask’s Top 10 favorite Las Vegas sportsbooks article. The list focusses on level of service, food, aesthetics and overall experience.

Aristocrat Gaming is also getting in on the NFL action this season as it’s just started to distribute NFL-themed slot machines featuring all 32 NFL teams to casino floors across the country. Some of the game titles are Super Bowl Jackpots as well as Overtime Cash, and all slots come with a $1 million Progressive Jackpot. These slots are rolling out across Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oklahoma and Oregon.